log entry 2015-02-10

iptables-optimizer version 0.9.13-1

Guido gave another useful hint, possibly to separate debian packaging into a debian branch and work on the other code in the master branch, just to keep upstream and packaging work stricktly separated. As read in the Wiki, the content of debian/souce/format was changed to:

3.0 (quilt)

Debian package version therefore became 0.9.13-1 in the the newest changelog entry. And then gbp buildpackage refused to build but gave a hint to create a patch by using:

dpkg-souce --commit

This produced a patch file into the debian/patches directory and asked to guess a name for it. The patch comments were edited and everything looked fine:

gbp buildpackage --git-tag

succeeded and tagged correctly. It did a beautiful job and of course cowbuilder had to be updated before all other steps.

The github iptables-optimizer repository is updated now, prebuild debian and rpm packages are waiting for your downloads:

SHA1(iptables-optimizer_0.9.13-1_all.deb)= 9bb92247707d5dc3c30c65ffaf11d634168f14e4
SHA1(iptables-optimizer_0.9.13-1_amd64.build)= d8e72361de8c804769669cb31dba4e201eaa934a
SHA1(iptables-optimizer_0.9.13-1_amd64.changes)= 8f57b4608a97d5f6d8f6cc3eae381acfaa5a8fa1
SHA1(iptables-optimizer_0.9.13-1.debian.tar.xz)= 591d918128b03c8f4088dee0ece189ba956fa9ba
SHA1(iptables-optimizer_0.9.13-1.dsc)= 8fc570e3b3c74694f87638ed8f7738ff80faf6ac
SHA1(iptables-optimizer-doc_0.9.13-1_all.deb)= 45bbe608935ab3f9c46a437d2ea4da5e6a2bddda

Your comments are welcome!

Have fun!